A Beginner’s Guide to RC Cars

Beginners need to know a lot of things when it comes to remote control cars. If they are the type who are interested in getting to know the hobby vehicles better, a little reading and possibly viewing videos that discusses about it will definitely help. On the other hand, if you’re the type that knows about RC cars but you are just yet to make your first purchase, then learning how it works would make each run so much easier. Either way, starting from the basics is definitely a must for any remote control car beginner.

Let’s start with the parts.

Knowing the actual mechanics of an rc vehicle is necessary when you want to own one. It will help you make good purchasing decisions and the ability to avoid mediocre models.

There are four main parts of an RC vehicle:


The transmitter is the actual control that you hold in your hands while you are driving. It makes use of radio frequencies to relay the steering and controls, thus, the name “remote control” cars.


This is like the side-kick of the transmitter, because one would be utterly useless of the other is broken or absent. It is the part that receives whatever steering the transmitter makes and distributes this to appropriate parts of the vehicle.


Consider the transmitter and the control as the nervous system and the motors act like the body. Well, that would be weird to compare but it’s pretty much like it. The motor is said to be the “heart” of a remote control vehicle, a complex and intricate part of the system. It basically contains the power and the ability of the rc car to function.

Power Source

All of the parts will be useless if the power source is down. Without it, starting the vehicle wouldn’t be possible. No power source, no run, no anything. The power source depends on what type of rc car you have. Electric rc cars use rechargeable batteries while nitro cars use real fuel combination.

2 Types

There are 2 types of remote control cars to choose from. The electric and nitro rc cars. AS what you may have understood previously, electric rc cars run with batteries, while the nitro rc runs with a real fuel. In terms of maintenance, electric rc car wins the comparison. Without the need for fuel, you wouldn’t have to worry about old fuel build-up that can be lethal to the engine. However, they don’t run as fast, but they are ideal for beginners.

The other type is the nitro rc car, which is something you want to have when your skills in handling rc cars improve. They are a favorite of rc car professional racers because it kinda feels like driving a real car.

Purchasing rc cars is pretty much like choosing a full-sized vehicle. It takes a lot of consideration such as engine quality, design, your needs, and the level of difficulty. As a beginner, it is always wise to purchase an RTR (ready to run) vehicle especially that you don’t have an experience in assembling the parts. Some components are too sensitive to force, that you need an experienced rc car user to do it for you. Eventually, you’ll learn how to do it and understand how good it is to have a remote control car.


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